Your Children’s Bonfire Night Essentials

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Bonfire night is almost here, and you’re no doubt going to be taking your kids along to a spectacular fireworks show. Most kids love fireworks, but you do get the odd one who can’t stand the loud noises and insists on going to the toilet every 5 minutes to get away from them. I know this because I was one. If your kids are the kind who love the big, colourful explosions, make sure you’ve stocked up on these bonfire night essentials to keep them comfortable amidst all the fun:

Cosy Boots

Your kids need to be as warm as possible when going to an event such as this. This time of year can be really cold, especially when out late at night. Some people say warmth should start in the feet, so you need to make sure their feet are nice and toasty. Make sure you have a cosy pair of boots for them, and put them in a pair of thick socks beforehand. You can even tuck their trousers into their socks to keep the warmth in better. Make sure this isn’t uncomfortable for them though.

Mittens or Gloves

Mittens are usually a lot warmer than gloves, as they help to keep body heat in better. However, gloves make it easier to operate. When kids wear mittens, they often take them off in order to hold things or complete a task properly. It’s up to you which of these you prefer. Mittens are warmer, but gloves can be easier to hold things. If you plan on buying your kids a sparkler, I suggest gloves so they don’t drop it or have any accidents with it. Always supervise them with things like this – it’s just basic parenting skills!

A Warm Scarf

You must make sure your child’s neck is covered, so a warm scarf is essential. It should be made out of sturdy, quality material and cover them up nicely when wrapped up. You may also want to ensure that it covers their chin.

A Quality Coat

A quality coat to wear over their outfit is again, very important. Hatley Children’s raincoats are a good example. Whatever style of coat you decide to dress your children in, make sure they have a cosy jumper on underneath. The coat should have pockets and a good fastening system to make sure your child can keep themselves as warm as possible. You may even want to invest in some pocket warmers.

A Woolen Hat or Ear Muffs

Finally, you need to keep their head warm. Woolen hats can’t be beaten for this, but I like using ear muffs too. Ear muffs can be great for kids who don’t like the loud banging all that much. This can help to muffle the sound and keep their ears warm at the same time. You could even put them in a hat and muffs at the same time.

Don’t forget these essentials if you want to have an amazing bonfire night with your kids!

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