Top Tips for an Awesome Nursery

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You want the best for your baby, so it makes sense to want to design them an awesome nursery. Although it might not matter much to them when they’re very little, they’ll soon grow up and want to spend time in there playing and learning. These top tips should help you to get things right when designing your nursery:

Create a Mood Board

Before you buy anything, create a mood board to help you. The mood board can be your go-to piece for inspiration. Stick colors, themes, patterns, furniture, and anything else that speaks to you on there. It’s a great resource to move you in the right direction when you feel stuck with your design. Use plenty of magazines, online printouts, and other sources for inspiration to create your mood board. You can even stick bits of material on there that you like. There are no rules!

Keep Things Simple

Don’t over complicate things. This can be hard, with all of the baby gadgets and other things out on the market today. However, the simpler you make it, the easier it’ll be to change as your baby grows. They’ll quickly grow up, and things may begin to feel childish to them. Make sure it isn’t difficult to change things when you need to.

Choose Colors that Relax You

You’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery to begin with, so make sure you choose colors that you feel relax you. Getting up in the middle of the night can be stressful, but making the nursery comfortable for you and not only the baby will help.

Read Reviews on Nursery Furniture

Make sure nursery furniture is safe by reading reviews on it before you buy. You could even think outside of the box a little. How about huge bean bags instead of regular arm chairs to feed your baby? You’ll love them, and your baby will love them when they get a little older.


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Use Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are easy to peel off and replace when your baby outgrows them. They aren’t too expensive either, so you can give the nursery a whole new look for very little cost. If you keep the nursery colors mainly neutral and simply add a few wall stickers, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

The baby will be spending a lot of time on their back, so don’t forget to do something with the ceiling. You could paint it blue with fluffy clouds, for instance. Give them something good to look at!

These tips will ensure you not only have an awesome nursery fit for a newborn, but for any age. Eventually, you’ll be able to transform it into a playroom for your child. All you’ll need to do is add all of their toys and take out the cot! Replacing wall stickers is a hassle-free way to keep your child happy about the decor of their room. Let us know what you think of these tips. Enjoy!


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