Essential Healthcare Routines For Your Preschooler

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Although you may have been anxiously waiting for this day, when your baby finally turns three it will feel so sudden. Now you have a walking, talking, opinionated, and creative little person stood where your baby used to crawl. Now you only have a couple of years left before your little person becomes independent enough to go to school. It’s easy to feel a little redundant at this point, but you still have a lot to do.

Kids this age may already be toilet trained, but that doesn’t mean they are reliably dry. Changes to the routine such as a late night out in a restaurant or grandparents coming to stay can cause accidents. If anything different is going on, it can be a good idea to remind your little one to pop to the toilet each hour. They may say they don’t want to because they are having fun, but the excitement could mean they leave it too late.


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If your three-year-old is heading to preschool soon, they will encounter different toilets. They may have to take their comfort breaks at a specific time. It’s important your child know what he or she is doing by this point to feel comfortable with the new environment. Things like wiping and hand washing may still be tricky for a little one, so practice this a lot at home. Brushing teeth should be practised twice a day too.

Doctors, dentists and health visitors can all be scary people now your nipper is more aware of what’s going on around him. Noises and smells can be frightening, and adults speaking to each other about grown up things can be intimidating. Now is the perfect time to head out to a family dental practice like Ascent Family Dental for his first proper check-up. Most three-year-olds have all twenty teeth so they can be checked. Keep the appointment upbeat and casual. Your dentist should be experienced enough to make it lots of fun for your child.

Depending where you live, your preschooler may be due for some more vaccinations. Many mothers find distraction techniques the best way to get the job done. The nurse can advise you over the phone before you attend how she would like the appointment to run. A reward or treat often dries up any tears. If your little one feels unwell afterwards, some comfort from you will go a long way. Try to book the day off work if you can.

Now is a really good time to talk about healthy lifestyles with your little one. The importance of good food and exercise can be made into a game with some play food and soft toys. You can play at making healthy dinners and talk about all the different food groups that make up a good meal. Poor Teddy may get a tummy ache and feel unwell if he only gets to eat chocolate cake!

Walking with your child every day helps an active life become a habit. Over time, you should be able to build up to a mile or more. Perhaps the best thing about it, is how well they sleep after all that exercise!


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