Beautiful Ways To Display Pictures From Every Occasion

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It is only too common that we have a special occasion, take lots of pictures and then forget to display them. Sometimes I’ll look back at my old photos and find images that I had forgotten even existed. A great way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to think about creative ways to display them. With different options to suit various occasions, there are some fun ways to ensure that your pictures are protected and treasured forever.

Wedding pictures – A fantastic way to display wedding pictures is to buy some luxurious photo frames. Given that your pictures will be treasured forever, you’ll want some high-quality frames to display them in. Think about solid silver frames if money isn’t too much of an issue. With a bit of regular care, silver can be a beautiful home decor favourite. If you need to stick to a budget, then try using metal frames in copper or rose gold colours. These are so on trend right now and will add a little bit of summer sunshine to any room. You can choose to hang your pictures on a stand, or hung on the wall. If you go for larger sized images then having them wall hung might be the best option here.


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Family portraits – sometimes we all like to pamper ourselves with a family photo shoot.  It can be expensive to have a professional take your pictures, but as a treat it is often worth it. This is a great way to get advice about how to pose for pictures and how to ensure that you get the best possible lighting. Family portraits can be made into photo canvas prints or framed and placed around your home afterwards. Head to a trusted photographer and make sure that you ask to look through their portfolio first. Have they got much experience and do they stage the type of photos you want?

Holiday snaps – When we travel, it is always fun to take pictures along the way to document your journey. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to keep hold of all your photos. You can even keep souvenirs from every place you visit and stick these into your scrapbook when you return home. Some good examples of things to collect on your travels are napkins, postcards, flowers (you can dry and press these later) and ticket stubs. All of these things look great when displayed alongside your photos in a scrapbook.

Baby pictures – Baby Pictures are something to be treasured. Especially later in life when you child is all grown up and turns into a mini fashionista. Keeping them in a memory box or a luxury album is a good idea. Ensure that you have plenty of protection and store them in a safe and dry place. Keep your albums away from the cold and damp as they may get ruined. You don’t want to end up with a situation like Monica from Friends! You know, the one where all of her childhood memories are ruined in the damp garage? Nightmare. Keep your pictures well wrapped and in a ventilated area. Let us know how you get on…


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