5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Choosing a present for a mom-to-be can be hard, especially if the gifts she has registered for you don’t agree with or are out of your price range.

Whilst it is best to go with the essentials – the things that she will definitely need and get lots of use out of. There is some wriggle room, sometimes an unusual or unexpected gift can be better than buying her something on her registry list.


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Here are five ideas for unique but useful baby gifts that any new mommy will be sure to appreciate.

Handmade baby toys

The new-mom-to-be will no doubt, receive plenty of modern gift from her registry list. But, a handmade present can also make a fabulous baby shower gift.

A hand-crocheted baby toy or baby rattle would make a wonderful baby gift. If you can crochet, you could create the gift yourself – this is a lovely way to add a personal touch to your present. Alternatively, you could ask a friend or relative who crochets to make the gift for you, or could buy it online.

If you don’t know the sex of the baby, make sure to opt for a toy or baby rattle in neutral, non-gender related colours.

A noonie

A noonie is the modern alternative to swaddling. Learning to swaddle is hard work, add that to a crying baby and a tired mom and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

So, why not give the mom-to-be a noonie – a baby pouch that works just like a swaddled blanket. Noonies are cosy, safe and best of all, made of organic materials.

Custom gift

Giving customized baby gifts is a lovely way to add a unique, personal touch to your present.

With so many gifts to choose between, from custom bibs and dream blankets to bath towels and onesies, you will be spoilt for choice when picking out your gift.

If you are unsure which gift to choose, have a look at what is on the mom-to-be’s registry list and pick something that is not on there – something that you know she will need.

Knitted cardigan and booties

Whilst the mom-to-be will receive lots of shop-bought clothes for her little one, she may not have any knitted bits. Knitted cardigans and booties might sound like an old fashioned gift, but choosing something a bit different to the usual bits and bobs can be a lovely gesture.

If you can knit yourself then make the gifts yourself. If not, ask around and see if you can find anyone who specialises in knitting. Make sure to choose colours that suit the mom-to-be’s style, as well as the sex of the baby.

Instead of giving booties or a cardigan, give the mom-to-be a set with both in. You could also add a cute little-hand-knitted baby hat too or a hand-knitted baby blanket.

Baby bangle

A different style of gift to the regular toys and necessities, a baby bracelet is a wonderful keepsake. Most baby bracelets are adjustable and can be worn up until around the baby’s 3rd birthday.

Have a look around to find the nicest baby bangles available. Make sure to opt for a sterling silver one, so that it is long lasting and does not wear. Remember, babies are tiny so choose a dainty looking one. You could also opt to have the baby’s name stamped on it or another phrase or saying, or perhaps even the baby’s date of birth.

Whilst diapers, jungle gyms and jumperoos are necessary for taking care of a new baby. Opting for a unique gift instead, is a lovely way to show you put a lot of thought into what to get the mom-to-be.

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